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Our Partners

Diana’s Seafood

Diana’s Seafood is Toronto’s finest fresh fish market, providing customers with a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood from all over the world. At Diana’s Seafood, shelves are guaranteed to be stocked with a multitude of products from under the sea – including whole, head-on fresh fish, live lobsters, fresh fillets (cut in-house), frozen seafood, shellfish, and the largest selection of oysters to be found in the city.

Affinity Fish

The goal of Affinity Fish is to provide Canadian restaurants with a higher quality of fish and seafood through careful handling, minimizing animal suffering, and prioritizing sustainable fishing practices from lake to restaurant.

Newport Fish Importers

Newport Fish Importers is an over 20-year-old family business supplying Toronto with some of the world’s best and rarest fish and seafood, providing top quality fish from Portugal and around the world. You will find wild catches not available anywhere else in the city like Moray Eel, John Dory, and Limpets, plus much more.